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Adjacent to the Potomac River, Cabin John is a woodsy residential community of some 700+ homes in Bethesda, Maryland. In addition to roughly 2,300 people that call Cabin John home, there are dozens of businesses based here. While most are small enterprises offering professional services, there are several restaurants, a couple of markets, a beauty salon, a dry cleaners, a neighborhood pool and a post office. In addition, the Montgomery County Recreation Department operates the Clara Barton Community Center, which offers activities, an exercise room, a summer camp and special events.

Cabin John is one of the many unincorporated communities in Montgomery County. While there is a local post office, most governmental services come from the county. However, with a population that exceeds one million, the county does not provide a sense of place. Our community identity is really reflected and fostered by the Cabin John Citizens Association (CJCA), which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.

The CJCA aims to preserve Cabin John’s long-standing history as a strong and vibrant community that cares about its neighbors and believes all residents should have a say in matters important to the community. The association also promotes the neighborhood’s unique esprit de corps and beautiful natural surroundings.

For more information about all the activities and services of the CJCA, please go to the About the CJCA page.

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