Annual Holiday Party

Cabin Johners like to get together, mingle, and include folks of all ages and walks of life. The annual holiday party at the Clara Barton Community Center is no exception as we gather to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Confusionism (not to be confused with Confucianism). Local businesses contribute delicious offerings such as sushi, pizza and wraps while fine local products & services are raffled off. Actually just about everything that is not nailed down is raffled off, including the Christmas tree adorning the social hall. It is hard to attend the holiday party without winning something in the raffle, or being next to someone else who does. Children make seasonal crafts, but they can be raffled off as well if guests prefer. Everyone is encouraged to join in the holiday singing, although ear plugs can be provided if sufficient advance notice is given. A rather slender, but always jolly, Santa arrives on a fire truck courtesy of the Cabin John Volunteer Fire Dept. to the great excitement and delight of young and old.

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