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CJCA News – May Meeting Minutes/Election of Officers

The last CJCA meeting of the 2023-2024 program year was held Wednesday, May 22.  This well-attended meeting featured a fascinating presentation from CJ’s own local historian Judy Welles.  Attendees learned many interesting facts and some new historical information that Judy has uncovered in the last few years. For example, did you know that:

  • In 1913 Cabin John had the world’s longest single-arch stone bridge
  • Cabin John once had a hotel where at least three presidents dined
  • Two of the six bridges that support the Washington Aqueduct are in Cabin John.

Several CJ’ers brought artifacts for show and tell, including prehistoric spear heads, arrow heads, and a very ancient hide scraper, all found by Linda Green in her yard; some of Richard Hirsh’s extensive collection of articles and pictures; an embossing stamper from Moses Morningstar congregation shared by Diane Baxter; and records and sheet music published by the Cabin John Recording Company, collected by Jerry Hornauer.

The presentation from Judy was an abbreviated taste of an in-depth Cabin John history presentation CJCA will sponsor this fall for all our neighboring communities to enjoy. Through slides and discussion Judy will share her extensive knowledge of our area including habitation by native Americans, European exploration in the 1700s, establishment as a country escape for Washingtonians in the late 1800s, development as a bucolic suburb in the early 1900s, our area’s role in the suffrage and civil rights movements, and the colorful characters that have played roles through the years. 

After the history presentation, the meeting moved to the annual election of CJCA officers.  The current slate of officers was re-elected for the 2024-2025 program year: Co-Presidents Heidi & Scott Lewis, Vice President Marcy Harrison, Vice President Charlotte Troup Leighton, Secretary Kelly Banuls, and Treasurer Bob Walsh.  CJCA is actively seeking new people to serve as officers–volunteering for a year or two is a fantastic way to meet lots of CJ’ers and get really connected to our great neighborhood.  Email cjcapresidents@gmail.com to find out more.

The next CJCA meeting will be in September, but there are plenty of activities all summer long–see the community calendar on the back page of this issue.  

Palisades Pool Open To All CJ Residents 11am-1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 18-August 28

Over the summer, Cabin John residents are admitted free of charge to the Palisades Pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 1pm. Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a person 15 years or older. Please sign in at the pool–proof of residency (driver’s license or other photo ID, plus two pieces of mail) is required for admission. The Palisades Pool (301-229-2598) is located off Seven Locks Road between Long Ridge Court and Cypress Grove Lane. The Cabin John Free Swim was part of an agreement between the Cabin John community and the founders of the Palisades Pool to gain neighborhood approval of the zoning variance that permitted the pool to be constructed.

Public Works Corner – Washington Aqueduct Old Conduit Repairs Project

Work continues on this project and many will continue to notice significant activity along MacArthur Boulevard, including within Cabin John.  

The commonly referred to “Old Conduit” has been under repair since late November 2023. The Old Conduit is a 12-mile-long pipe carrying water from the Potomac River near Great Falls to the Dalecarlia Reservoir just over the border in Washington, DC.  

The single-lane closures that have been occurring along MacArthur are expected to wind down in the next several weeks.  The project–with a capital cost of over $50 million–will be completed this year.

CJCA Listserv – Sign up to receive Cabin John News in Your Inbox

A reminder that CJCA maintains a listserv (operated through a Google Groups) that we use as our primary communications medium.  We send out announcements on upcoming events, matters concerning the community, and other important news. We only send three to five emails a month so we don’t overwhelm your inbox.

To join this listserv, send an email to: 

cjca-official-news+subscribe@googlegroups.com.  You’ll need to include your name and address in Cabin John so we can maintain the safety and integrity of the list.  

The CJCA listserv is private and the mailing list is never sold or given to anyone. Only current CJCA officers have the ability to send information.

By Scott and Heidi Lewis

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