CJCA News – Next Meeting, History Committee, Public Works Update

CJCA Meetings

The CJCA’s first meeting of the 2023-2024 year will be held on Wednesday, October 25th, at the Clara Barton Neighborhood Recreation Center (we will not have a September meeting).  Topics include a discussion regarding a Cabin John History Committee, results from our Crab Feast and a review and  discussion of the upcoming CJCA Calendar, including proposed meeting topics and other events. 

A Proposed Cabin John History Committee

The CJCA recently appointed a Cabin John History Committee to be chaired by Rachel Donnan, the VN’s history columnist.

The committee has an ambitious agenda that aims to preserve Cabin John’s unique history while encouraging the community to engage with its story.

Some of the committee’s tasks will include the survey and cataloging of Cabin John historical materials held by residents and others; reprinting “Cabin John: Legends and Life of an Uncommon Place” by Judy Welles, including her additional research since its publication; and further developing educational community events and programs.

The history committee will be presented at the October CJCA meeting to invite community members who may be interested in contributing their time and effort towards preserving Cabin John history.

Public Works Update: Metering Work Along Canal Complete

After close to a year of work, the WSSC “Metering Work” has been completed on the canal at the Cabin John Creek underpass near the wooden pedestrian bridge over the canal.   This is the point where the WSSC line connects with the line managed by DC Water.  

Changes in technology have eliminated the need for metering hence the need for this project.  In addition, and more importantly for our community, heavy rain events have led to the creek overrunning its banks and spilling into the canal so this project included some reinforcement work as well.

By Scott Lewis

CJCA Co-President

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