CJCA Membership – Contribute Dues by May 1

We’re hard-pressed to imagine a better value for money than the $20 dues we ask each household to contribute to the Cabin John Citizens Association.  

Your contribution makes possible community events such as the Turkey Trot, Holiday Party, Spring Egg Hunt, and 4th of July Parade; neighborhood communication and information via The Village News and cabinjohn.org; and ongoing advocacy for safe streets, quiet skies, unspoiled parks, and streams, and preserved and interpreted history.

Cabin John is the vibrant, congenial, connected place it is because so many people here have decided that investing their time, talents, and resources in our community is worth it. Please use the form on page 11 to submit your $20 dues today. Alternatively, you can go to the CJCA website (www.cabinjohn.org) and fill out the CJCA Dues & Donations Form in the tab: Support CJCA ($).

By Scott and Heidi Lewis

Co-Presidents, CJCA

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