CJ Directory Online: Community Vote October 26

The Cabin John Neighborhood Directory is a valued, helpful resource for residents. CJCA has published and distributed a print version of the directory to all 700+ residents for many years, the most recent being in the spring of 2021. CJCA will publish a new print version in 2024 or 2025. Publishing every 4-5 years means that new members of the community are not included in the print version for often several years. 

Some community members have inquired about the possibility of making the directory available online, in a way that could be updated more frequently. The vendor used to print the most recent directory, AtoZ Connect (atozconnect.com), does have that capability. AtoZ Connect is the vendor currently used by Walt Whitman High School and other local schools.

A vote on whether to make the directory available online will be held at the October 26 meeting. Anyone attending either in the room or online can vote.

Online directory FAQs

Who could view the online directory?

Only Cabin John residents already listed in the directory will be allowed to create a unique, individual, password-protected account to access the information electronically. All passwords are hashed. The CJCA VP Communications must manually approve any new users.

Can Cabin Johnners update their own information in an online directory?

Information can only be viewed online; residents cannot edit their own listing information online. All edits will be made by the CJCA VP Communications. CJCA will provide instructions for submitting changes to the directory listing information.

Can we choose what information is available online? 

When you set up your account to view the online directory, you can indicate which items of information (adult names, phone numbers, email addresses, children names) you want to be displayed in the online directory. The default is that the same information currently displayed in the print version of the directory will be displayed online.

Can we choose to not have ANY of our information available online?

If you do not want ANY of your information to be displayed in the online directory you can “opt out,” i.e., your information will be deleted from the database so that it will not be available for display by anyone accessing the directory online. CJCA will provide instructions for how individuals can opt out. Your information can still be included in the next print directory if you so choose.

How is the online database secured?

Please refer to AtoZ Connect’s website to review their data privacy and security features, https://atozconnect.com/terms/. The decision to participate in the online directory is solely the responsibility of the individual. CJCA makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation or security of AtoZ Connect. 

Can we look up residents by street as well as by name?

The online directory information is displayed alphabetically by last name and can be easily searched for any name or for listings by street name. On the mobile app you can also set up “favorites” for a quick display of residents you often want to view.

If you have any questions or concerns, or to see how the online or mobile app directory works, please contact Marcy Harrison, VP Communications at marcyharrison@earthlink.net or call 301-908-8906.

By Marcy Harrison

CJCA VP Communications

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