Help Needed: New Coordinator(s) for CJ Chicken and Crab Feast

Chicken and Crab Feast In Need of New Coordinator(s)

Cabin John’s annual community celebration and fundraising event held each September urgently needs a new coordinator or coordinators to take the over helm from Allison and Patrick de Gravelles who have capably overseen the event for the last five years. Thank you, Allison and Patrick!

Allison and Patrick said, “Coordinating the Chicken and Crab Feast has been a highlight of our time as Cabin John residents, and we have thoroughly enjoyed having a hand in the community’s largest annual fundraiser. For the most part, the work of the coordinator is as simple as making sure the supplies are purchased and ready to go on time. The event largely runs itself because of the incredible corps of volunteers that turns out each year.”

The position of Crab Feast coordinator has been held by a fantastic cast of Cabin John volunteers and is one of the best ways to get involved in our special community. And many of the volunteers who manage the vegetable prep, chicken and crab cooking, drink sales, setup, serving, and more will carry on for this year. We just need some enthusiastic logistical leadership!

To find out more, please call, text, or email Scott Lewis: (202) 257-9957,

Top Ten Reasons YOU Should Become the Next Crab Feast Coordinator

10) Support CJCA Activities. Funds raised by the Crab Feast support other great CJCA activities, like the Turkey Trot, the Holiday Party, and Fourth of July Parade as well as The Village News and CJ Directory.

9) Perfect Time of Year. It takes place on the second Saturday after Labor Day, when Cabin John weather is at its best.

8) Set Game Plan. It’s been a roaring success for 51 years, so the game plan is tried and true.

7) Experienced Crew. There’s a cadre of experienced crew chiefs to back you up, with long lists of volunteer crew

members already recruited.

6) See and Be Seen. You will see and be seen at the most happening event of the season.

5) Learn Secret Recipes. You will learn the secret to making those delicious collards!

4) Find Happiness. Your idea of happiness is a trunkload of Kirkland paper towels.

3) You ♥ Cabin John!

2) Built-in Expertise. You will have the expertise of Allison and Patrick available in August to help you get organized.

And the number one reason why you should become the next CJ Feast Coordinator(s):

1) We need you!

Thank you to former Crab Feast Director Tina Rouse for inspiring this Top Ten list.

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