Cabin John $20 Dues Letter Coming Soon

Please keep a lookout in your mailbox for your 2022 Cabin John Citizens Association dues letter. Only $20 per household annually, the dues collected are critical to supporting all the activities and advocacy of the CJCA, which works hard to keep Cabin John the unique and vibrant community we all treasure. 

In 2021, dues helped cover the cost of the beautiful and informative Cabin John Directory that was mailed to every CJ household. Dues also helped cover expenses associated with the Cabin John website, the 4th of July parade, our welcome bags for newcomers, the beautification of MacArthur Blvd., and the advocacy work on behalf of a thoughtful Beltway expansion and the preservation of the Morningstar 88 Moses Hall and Cemetery. 

Seems like a pretty good return for $20. 

In addition to dues information, the CJCA letter will detail how you can make contributions to the Friends of the Clara Barton Community Center and the Friends of the Cabin John Creek. The letter also will give you a way to correct, update, or add directory listings information. Most importantly, there will be a way to indicate your willingness to volunteer to help the Cabin John Citizens Association in the coming year. 

The CJCA does not exist without citizen support. Please do your part by paying your 2022 dues as promptly as possible. 

Don’t want to wait until your letter arrives to take care of your dues payment? Go to the Cabin John website, www.cabinjohn. org/about-cjca/pay-dues, where you can pay by credit card or Venmo.

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