CJCA Officers Nominating Committee Formed

Seven CJ residents have agreed to serve on a nominating committee charged with developing a slate of Cabin John Citizens Association officers for 2022-2023. After six years at the helm of the CJCA, President Susan Shipp is stepping down. Vashti VanWyke, who is serving as co- president this year, is in a one-year term to help transition to new leadership. 

In addition to the position(s) of president, the association is also looking for a secretary, and a co-vice president of communications to manage the CJ listserv and help the president(s) with email communications and stories for The Village News. 

The committee is charged with identifying its slate by the end of March, with the election scheduled for the May 25 CJCA meeting. The members are: 

• Amanda Benjamin of McKay Circle 

• Phil Corcoran of MacArthur Blvd. 

• Sarah Craven of 81st Street

• Amy Elsbree of 79th Street

• Andy Fishburn, Tomlinson Terrace 

• Marget Maurer of 79th Street

• Neil Shaut of MacArthur Blvd. 

Membership in the nominating committee is open. Please reach out to Amy Elsbree at amy.elsbree@gmail.com or one of the other members, if you would like to join in its important work or if you are interested in serving as a CJCA officer for the upcoming year.

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