Changes to the CJ Community Listserv

The Cabin John Community Listserv serves as CJ’s informal neighborhood listserv that lets all members share information, post items for sale, ask questions, make recommendations, report missing pets, and otherwise reach out to the community. Since its inception, the Cabin John listserv has been hosted on Yahoo Groups, which announced it is shutting down effective Dec. 15.

The Cabin John Listserv is now on To join this listserv, send an email with your name and street address (to verify residence) to: Membership is open to current and former CJ residents. The purpose of this listserv is to share information and have discussions that are hyperlocal to Cabin John and that are non-commercial/non-political in nature.

Anyone wishing to advertise their business to the CJ community may want to consider The Village News. Classified ads are 30 cents a word.

The community listserv differs from the Cabin John Citizens Association listserv, which remains the go-to source for timely news and information about upcoming community events and important issues of possible interest to CJ residents. The CJCA listserv lets the association keep CJ residents informed without overloading the inbox – usually just a few emails a month. CJCA listserv members cannot communicate with each other. To join this list, send an email to:

More information on local listservs is available in the Get Connected section of the website.

By Susan Shipp
CJCA President

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