CJCA 100th Celebrated and New Endeavors Launched

Thanks to the generosity of the many CJ residents who donated time, talent, and funds, the Cabin John Citizens Association was able to celebrate 100 years of civic pride throughout 2019.

Through donations and a very successful Team Trivia Night fundraiser, the association raised some $6,300 for the MacArthur Blvd. Beatification and Cabin John Signage projects. Halfway through the year, the CJCA threw the community a wonderful Cabin John Day celebration. These activities, along with Cabin John’s long-standing traditions, made for a very busy and spirited year worthy of reflection.

The first anniversary activity drew 140 CJ residents and friends together for a fun evening of team trivia and community celebration. Spearheaded by Scott and Heidi Lewi, with a huge assist from Florence Lehr, Helen and Clive Harris as well as Craig and Nancy Russell, the night also served as a very successful fundraiser, bringing in close to $1,300 for our anniversary projects.

Susan Roberts of Wishbone Terrace jumped in to spearhead the gardening effort along Cabin John’s “main street.” The first round of planting in April was done near Alpine Vet with the help of Elizabeth Miller and Susan Shipp. Scott Hoffman, arriving on his gator with a trailer full of helpful supplies, provided critical muscle to get the job done. The plants have prospered, thanks to Anna at Alpine for watering all summer. Minor damage was done by WSSC when the water main broke on 78th St., but the plants have survived.

The second project was on the east side of the access road to the Clara Barton Parkway. Elaine Hornauer took responsibility for this area. In mid-August, Scott, Elaine, Beverly, and Susan Roberst added new plants to this area, as well as stones to the corner to protect them from cars. Elaine faithfully weeded and hauled water until the October rains lent a hand.

Beverly led the charge for the third project at the west side of the access road. She weeded the long-neglected patch of grasses that were there and added some of her Sedum, which she watered over the summer. At the end of October, the crew rallied, adding several plants to this area, as well as a rose bush to the base of 75th St. Jackie Hoglund of Russell Rd. stopped by with some Salvia plants, which she donated and helped plant. It was great to have her help and her donation!

In November, professionals came on the scene to tackle a 75-foot strip of green space where the soil was like concrete from vehicles using it as roadway. A number of CJ residents donated plants for this stretch. A special shoutout to Darla Cable, who dug up and transported five mature Knockout Rose bushes that instantly gave some prominence and, hopefully, protection to this vulnerable strip of land.

It’s incredibly impressive what this handful of dedicated folks accomplished in one planting season. They not only improved the look of our community, but they also made the bike path safer in stretches by providing a more substantial barrier between it and the roadway.

They hope to continue their work in 2020, if they can recruit more volunteers for planting “parties” and receive more donations of drought-tolerant plantings. Please reach out to Susan Roberts, susanroberts487@gmail. com, if you can help.

There was not quite the bandwidth to tackle this project in 2019. The good news is we have $3,000 in 100th Anniversary funds earmarked for the effort and the possibility of additional funds from the citizens association and new donors. We also have a few folks who have expressed a willingness to help.

To make it happen in 2020, we need a group of people willing to see this project through. If you would be willing to serve on the CJ Signage Committee, please contact Susan Shipp, jsjshipp3@verizon.net.

Luckily, when the call went out for volunteers to make Cabin John Day a reality, members of the community really stepped up. As a result, more than 200 people gathered June 1 for a celebratory afternoon of festivities, food, and live music.

The highlights of the day were two activities that truly let participants appreciate the uniqueness of our community. Nancy Russell, Meredith McGuire, and Caitlin Schoen created a clever scavenger hunt that had dozens of kids running around the grounds collecting prizes and learning about Cabin John’s past in the process. Everyone had the opportunity to reflect on Cabin John’s history by perusing the popup museum pulled together by Burr Gray and Joel Ann Todd, with many CJ residents loaning their memorabilia and artifacts.

Thanks to all who pitched in with their time, talents, and donations to make our 100th Anniversary year such a success.

BY SUSAN ROBERTS Chair of the Beautification Committee

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