MacArthur Beautification Efforts Underway

Thanks to the efforts of Susan Roberts, Scott Hoffman and Elizabeth Miller, the JCA’s 100th Anniversary MacArthur Blvd. Beautification Project is officially underway.

The crew met May 18 and in a little over two hours they transformed a roughly six-foot corner of heavily-trampled dirt adjacent to the Alpine Vet parking lot into a lovely patch of green. The hard part was tilling the “soil” and mixing in a mound of growing material.

They planted Sedge, a grass-like perennial, Black-Eyed Susans and Catmint. The plot was finished off with edging, mulch and some snow stakes with pinwheels to keep the cars and bicyclists from straying into the greenery. The folks at Alpine Vet have agreed to water regularly.

Inspired by this initial effort, Elaine Hornauer and Beverly Sullivan tackled the weeds overtaking the greenery on either side of the access road to the Clara Barton Parkway. Thanks Elaine and Beverly.

While additional planting will have to wait until the fall, Susan Roberts urges anyone who sees spots along the “green” strip that would benefit from snow stakes to contact her at so that the CJCA can provide stakes to install. The CJCA also is looking for homeowners adjacent to the bike path that would be willing to water if the CJCA planted by their homes.

CJCA President

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