The CJCA Needs You!

CJCA officer elections will be held at the May meeting and the association would very much like to expand its ranks. To serve the evolving needs of this community, we continue to re-envision the role of CJCA officers by redefining existing roles and creating new positions to fulfill those needs.

We’ve discovered that it truly does take a village to provide the activities, advocacy, and outreach that keeps our community connected and vibrant.

There are a wide-range of opportunities available. Please consider stepping into one of these important roles. Not only will you be serving the community, but you will also be joining a great group of dedicated volunteers.

Meredith Griggs graciously stepped in to serve as interim secretary last year. She had already held that position in 2009 and 2010. The primary responsibility of the secretary is to take the minutes at the eight CJCA meetings held each year. (There are no meetings June, July, August and December.)

This person will help coordinate existing and new community service projects. Current efforts includes three blood drives each year, the creek cleanup, and the Holiday Giving Tree Project, which provides gifts to people transitioning out of homelessness. The CJ community is very supportive of its community service projects and is interested in more opportunities. This position offers the possibility of expanding the menu of service projects offered.

Nancy Russell has agreed to continue in her post as Vice President of Community Outreach however she is looking for someone to share this position as she expects to spend less time in Cabin John over the coming year. She currently oversees the Block Coordinator Program, Crab and Chicken Feast ticket sales, and the New Neighbor Potluck.

The CJCA is seeking an additional Vice President of Advocacy to ensure that the organization has the manpower to stay on top of issues such as the beltway expansion, cut-through traffic, proposed property subdivisions, airplane noise, and pedestrian safety.

In recent years, the CJCA has added a number of popular events that bring the community together to share some fun. The CJCA would like to have an additional Vice President of Activities to help coordinate and be a resource to the volunteers that organize Team Trivia Night, the Spring Egg Hunt, the New Neighbor Potluck, the 4th of July Parade, the Turkey Trot, and the Holiday Party.

Communications is key to keeping our community tight-knit. The CJ directory will be five years old at the end of 2019. It is also showing its age in that it does not include email addresses or more than a couple of phone numbers per household. The CJCA is looking to use AtoZ Connect, the company that makes the Bannockburn, Pyle and Whitman school directories, to produce our next directory and to create an online version. The Vice President of Communication would take the lead on coordinating this

Just over two years ago Vashti Van Wyke agreed to serve as the newsletter’s content editor even though she had four kids ages eight and under! During her time of exceptional service she introduced new columns and features, worked with Production Editor Noelle Tower on a complete redesign of the newsletter and streamlined its editorial process. Thankfully for the person who takes on this important role, her efforts mean that the newsletter is put out with great efficiency. The CJCA, and the community as a whole, are incredibly grateful for her dedicated service.

The content editor works hand-in-hand with the production/layout editor, Noelle Tower, to put together 10 issues of The Village News each year. The editor also coordinates the work of the newsletter’s passionate Cabin John columnists who write about local nature, history, gardening, and goodneighborliness, as well as with the CJCA on community coverage and advocacy issues. The Village News also welcomes more CJ writers willing to be a regular contributor or to provide the occasional story.

Robin Sidel, editor of the CJCA website, is looking for someone with technical WordPress experience to assist with some of the more complicated web-based projects she would like to tackle.

If you would like to know more about any of these positions or if you have ideas about other ways you could serve the community, please reach out to a CJCA officer, drop Susan Shipp an email at or give her a call at 202-297-8718.

By Susan Ship
CJCA President

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