Your Support is Needed! Dues; Anniversary Projects

Cabin John residents have identified activities to celebrate 100 years of civic pride as well as ways to give back that will help ensure that Cabin John continues to be the wonderfully vibrant and beautiful community that we call home.

But we need volunteers and funding to realize some of these goals. The CJCA operates with a lean budget considering all that we do.

As 100th anniversary efforts have gotten underway, the most pressing question has been what kind of budget do we have for the various projects. The reality at this time is not much. For instance, folks working on some Welcome to Cabin John signage don’t know whether we are looking at one simple sign, which might cost less than $2,000 or multiple signs so that folks know they are entering Cabin John when they are on MacArthur Blvd. or Seven Locks.

Similarly, we have started to get bids for a MacArthur Blvd. beautification effort and have found landscapers estimating close to $2,000 for a 75-foot stretch. Can we get companies to sponsor some planting areas? Are there county funds we might tap? There are a couple of Cabin Johners who have already volunteered to be part of this project, but more people are needed to explore all our options.

Holding a Cabin John Day where the community comes together to celebrate with activities for the kids, a popup Cabin John museum to educate, some food and entertainment is strongly supported, but exactly how that comes together depends on having a budget and, even more important, having a committee of volunteers to plan the day. Right now, we’ve got the date, Saturday June 1, booked with the community center, but no volunteers or funds to make it happen.

The CJCA needs you to pay your dues, give generously to a special 100th Anniversary fund and sign up to help with one or more our 100th Anniversary efforts. Visit this page to fill out a form, or look for the CJCA dues letter in your mailbox.

To volunteer, fill out this form, or send me an email at

By Susan Shipp
CJCA President

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