Protecting Cabin John’s Future: $9 billion beltway expansion plan

The October 26 CJCA Meeting focused on ways to celebrate Cabin John’s past, while also protecting its future.

Greg Pawlson, CJCA vice president of advocacy, and Cypress Grove resident Charlotte Troup-Leighton shared the latest on the state’s massive $9 billion beltway expansion plan. In this initial phase of the project, the state is looking at how well the 19 ideas it received from the private sector meet six criteria it is using to assess their viability. Greg said the criteria of “no public funding” would seem to limit the final set of alternatives to beltway expansion through a public-private partnership (P3).

Greg introduced a guest, David Hondowicz of the recently formed Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE), who noted that the Montgomery County Planning Department and other agencies are taking issue with how the state is approaching its environmental impacts assessment with some calling the criteria biased in favor of Gov. Hogan’s toll-lane solution.

Charlotte talked about having conversations with candidates for county and state offices to make sure they are aware of community concerns.

All CJ residents are urged to become more informed. To that end, Charlotte and Greg shared a background paper and “cheat sheet” of websites that provide additional information and various viewpoints. 

For more information or to work with other Cabin Johners on this issue, contact Greg Pawlson at and
Charlotte Troup-Leighton at


By Susan Shipp
CJCA President

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