100th Anniversary Projects Identified

The second half of the October 26 CJCA meeting was devoted to 100th anniversary plans, with a number of folks committing to spearheading specific projects.

As an initial phase of the MacArthur Blvd. beautification effort, Susan Roberts, in absentia, put forth a proposal to plant a very damaged 50-foot stretch of grassy area that runs along MacArthur near the intersection of Seven Locks.

While different design proposals are being solicited and details worked out, those present at the meeting approved funding
this initial effort in the hopes that it could be used as a pilot to interest others, including outside groups like the Washington Aqueduct, in planting other sections along MacArthur.

Charlotte Troup-Leighton, who led the successful effort to replace the Evergreen neighborhood sign at Cypress Grove, offered to be part of a small committee that will explore Welcome to Cabin John sign options. Another temporary signage idea to be explored is streetlight banners along MacArthur Blvd.

Eric Dinerstein and Vashti Van Wyke are stepping up to organize a campaign to help restore the CJ tree canopy. Their goal will be to get 100 native trees planted in Cabin John by residents either planting in their yard and/or in public places.

Everyone agreed that we should move forward with a Cabin John Day on June 2. The Clara Barton Community Center has said it wants to work with us to create a family-friendly event, possibly pirate-themed, that could include a treasure hunt and moon bounce. A number of folks were enthusiastic about making it a BBQ, having music and hosting another Cabin John pop-up museum like the one held a couple years ago. It would be great if several people come together to work with the community center to plan this anniversary party!

Scott Lewis, also in absentia, said he would help to coordinate a Trivia Night party for adults to be held at the community center. There was also discussion of making it a fundraising event.

Other projects that attendees considered favorably were a 100th Anniversary edition of the Cabin John Directory and a CJ House Tour that would ideally include some of the 100-year-old homes in the community.

The creativity and constructiveness of this community is impressive. All of these activities and initiatives are worthwhile. All they need is YOU to offer up your time and talent to make them happen.

Please contact Susan Shipp at jsjshipp3@verizon.net to get involved!

By Susan Shipp
CJCA President

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