20th Annual CJ Canoe & Kayak Trip Flows Smoothly

A memorable day indeed.

The photo is evidence that whatever many and varied decisions this particular group of Cabin Johners had made in their lives, those paths all intersected on July 8th for a great day on the Potomac River.

There were a few things that made this trip different from others. First, the boats were already down at the water’s edge when everyone arrived courtesy of some hard-working participants. That is a big thing.

Second, the water level was 4.0, the highest that we’ve run the trip. Fewer rocks to run into but perhaps a bit more difficult to make course corrections due to the faster flowing current.

Third, this is the first time we’ve had lunch in that sandy beach just upstream of Carderock on the MD side. Can’t see any sign of civilization from there.

Fourth, we ran Stubblefied whitewater after positioning ourselves on the MD side. This is actually an easier approach, especially at higher water levels, than from the VA side.

The CJ Citizens Association supported the event with a subsidy of about $500.

Participants included: Peter and Vicky Gray Bross; Bob Walsh and son Hayden; Burr Gray; Carolyn Reimann, and daughters Emily and Katie; Duane Thompson and son D’Michael; Doug Pyle; Alexandra Freeman and Taylor; Marcy Harrison and Chip Wright; Dave McGaw, plus Steve and another friend; Mike Liebman and son Seth; Andrew Strasfogel; Elizabeth Jackson; John Butman; Patty Lee; Jana Butman; Alex Butman; Marget Maurer and son Andrew; Shellie Gainsburg and daughter Rachel; Tim and Mandy Rehm and their two children Pearl and Liam; Kevin Kearney; Dana Verkouteren and Mary Tyszkiewicz; Harriett Crosby; Arek Simpson; and Greg Gurley.

By Burr Gray

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