The CJCA Needs Volunteers. Can you Help?

Please consider volunteering for one of these important roles.

After seven years of dedicated service, Amy Elsbree is stepping down as CJCA secretary. The primary responsibility of the
secretary is to take the minutes at CJCA meetings and provide occasional stories for the newsletter. Amy also took on
special projects, such as helping with tributes to Burr Gray and Clare Amoruso.

Now that the CJCA is approved to offer Student Service Learning (SSL) hours, we are in need of an SSL coordinator. The
job, which should only take a couple hours a month and does not require meeting or event attendance, will help ensure the
volunteering students receive their hours in a timely fashion.

Judith Bell and Bob Norris are in search of one or two people who can join them as coordinators of this valuable community service program. As the lead coordinator, Judith is the first responder for calls that come in seeking assistance. She also keeps the master list of volunteers and the services they are equipped to provide. Like Bob Norris, the new coordinator(s) will provide back-up when Judith is unavailable.

Contact Susan Shipp if you’re interested in helping out with the CJCA.

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