CJCA To Launch Block Coordinators Program

We all know Cabin John is a friendly community with a lot of heart. But the Cabin John Citizens Association is looking to be even more warm and welcoming with the creation of a block coordinators program. Come to the Nov. 29 CJCA meeting at 7:30 pm in the community center to learn more about it.

The aim of this new neighborhood support structure, which divides Cabin John up into 33 “blocks” with one or more coordinators, is to help welcome new families to Cabin John, share information about the Neighbor-2-Neighbor assistance program, and communicate any block concerns or ideas to the CJCA, says Nancy Russell, the CJCA vice president of community outreach and service. Russell, who is spearheading this effort, has recruited 11 block coordinators to date.

“While the role of block coordinator should not be very time consuming, it is vital to creating more interconnectedness in our community,” says Russell. “It’s a great way for parents of school-age kids to get involved,” she added. The block system has been developed using the Crab Feast advanced ticket seller structure organized by Clare Amoruso. The table below illustrates the different “block” areas and the estimate of how many houses are in each block. If you live in one of the areas that needs a coordinator, please consider volunteering.

Community service also will be a focus of the November meeting. The CJCA wants community feedback on the Neighbor-2-Neighbor program, the CJ blood drives, and the creek cleanup it co-sponsors with the Friends of the Cabin John Creek. In addition, the CJCA wants to see if there is interest in doing more as a community.

For example, we could host a Cabin John night at Manna Food Center, where a group of 20 – 30 Cabin Johners could work to sort food and pack food boxes for distribution at the center.

By Nancy Russell and Susan Shipp

We Need You!
See an empty slot for your block? Please consider signing up to be a block coordinator! To find out more, contact Nancy Russell at nc3russell@yahoo.com or 301-229-1716.

Find out who your block coordinator is and how to get in touch with him/her!

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