C.J. Chicken & Crab Feast Coming Sept. 16

Want to gather with friends and neighbors for an afternoon of delicious food, refreshing beverages, and superb music? Then plan to head to Cabin John’s 48th Annual Chicken and Crab Feast Sept. 16 at the Clara Barton Community Center.

The food and fun are served up starting at 2:00 pm. The Starlight Orchestra, a 15-piece jazz and swing band, gets underway shortly thereafter. The fun continues until 6:00 pm. Around 4 pm the Cabin John Citizens Association will take a few minutes to honor Clare Amoruso for her three decades of service to the community. (See profile pg. 3)

A local tradition since 1970, the Crab Feast is not only a fun community event that brings some 600 Cabin Johners and their friends together; it is also an important fundraiser for the Cabin John Citizens Association. Dinner tickets are available for $16 at the door, and $14 if bought in advance (please call 301-320-2685). Proceeds from this event support The Village News, a 16-page newsletter free to all CJ residents, as well as the Fourth of July celebration, the holiday party, and other activities and service.

The Crab Feast is a success each year because of the many, many volunteers who pitch in. Please consider volunteering for advance preparations or for an hour or two from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on the 16th. Thanks to the efforts of Laura Miller and Greg Pawlson, the CJCA is now able to offer SSL hours for middle and high school students who volunteer at CJCA community events. Anyone wishing to lend a hand should e-mail cjcrabfeast@gmail.com or call Crab Feast Coordinator Allison de Gravelles at 301-742-4762.

Clare Amoruso To Be Honored at CJ Crab Feast

After more than 30 years of almost constant service to the community, Clare Amoruso is stepping away from her current roles as coordinator of Crab Feast advanced ticket sales and as treasurer for the Cabin John Citizens Association. But the community is not going to let her “retire” without saying thanks.

Please join the CJCA at the Crab Feast around 4 pm, when the incredible Starlight Orchestra takes their break, to pay tribute to Clare for her decades of service to the Cabin John community.

By Susan Shipp

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