CJCA Meeting Looks at Air and Street Traffic

More than thirty Cabin Johners attended the Sept. 28 CJCA meeting, which focused on two issues of significant community concern. New CJCA President Susan Shipp led a discussion about the growing
aircraft noise in Cabin John and resident Trav Daniels led a discussion about the excessive and unsafe commuter traffic on Cabin John roads.

The CJCA will form a working group to focus on aircraft noise issue. Anyone interested in this effort should contact Susan at jsjshipp3@verizon.net. In addition, Susan urged residents to contact the FAA to comment on their proposed plans to increase the air traffic over Cabin John. While the deadline for commenting on the specific plan has passed, Cabin Johners are encouraged to file noise complaints at http://www.flyreagan.com/dca/reagan-nationalsubmit-noise-complaint. Letters to congressional, state and local lawmakers are also needed to engage them in the fight.

Trav Daniels explained that the county has been evaluating the cut-through traffic situation and has proposed a Do Not Enter sign at the intersection of Seven Locks Rd. and Tomlinson Avenue. Attendees at the meeting did not feel this was an adequate solution and discussed possible alternatives including posting signs at MacArthur Blvd. and 77th and 78th Streets to stop left turns into the neighborhood as the police report 60 percent of the traffic is coming off of MacArthur . Other ideas were to lower the speed limit and post it more clearly, make Arden Rd. one way heading west, and install traffic calming devices such as speed bumps.

Trav and other community members will meet with county officials to discuss alternative approaches to the Tomlinson-Arden mitigation effort. Susan Shipp noted the recent changes to the intersection of MacArthur and the Clara Barton Parkway, including the lane markings and poles on the corners. Those present agreed that these are improvements and it is now easier to get out of Cabin John Gardens for drivers and it is safer for pedestrians.   By Amy Elsbree

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