Protect the Plants; Stay on the Road

This spring the county replanted the grassy median strips between MacArthur Blvd. and the shared-use path that runs through Cabin John. Their work was not even completed when tire ruts could be seen at several points along the route. That prompted quick action by Cabin Johners, Susan Roberts, Peter Vogt and Walt Dence. With funding from the CJCA, Walt and Peter have installed some 150 snow stakes to deter drivers from straying into the median. In addition to distracted
drivers, cars have been observed pulling onto the median to go around a car making a left turn or to take a phone call. Landscape crews and delivery trucks also have been spotted parking their vehicles on the median while they take care of business across the street.

This is not the first effort to keep drivers off the roadside greenery. A year ago, Walt and Peter posted signs along the route that read “Soft Soil– Do Not Drive or Park.” Their motivation is simple. “MacArthur Blvd is our Main Street. It’s a matter of civic pride that we keep it looking good,” said Vogt. First proposed in 2003, the MacArthur Blvd. bikeway improvement project was started in 2013 and completed last year.

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