ISO: Crab Feast Organizer, No Experience Necessary

After more than a decade of inspirational leadership, Tina Rouse is ready for someone else to coordinate the annual Cabin John Crab Feast. Could you be that person? Tina is looking to identify her successor prior to this September’s event so that she can show them the ropes this year in preparation for running the show at the 2016 feast. It could be one person, a couple, or a few good (wo)men, looking for a way to feel really good about themselves and their community.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Become the Next Crab Feast Organizer

10) Funds raised by the Crab Feast support other great CJCA and local activities, like the Holiday Party, Creek Clean-Up, and Fourth of July Parade.
9) It takes place on the second Saturday after Labor Day, when Cabin John weather is at its best.
8) It’s been a roaring success for 45 years, so you won’t be starting from scratch.
7) There’s a cadre of experienced crew chiefs to back you up, with long lists of volunteer crew members already recruited.
6) To see and be seen at the most happening musical event of the season.
5) You can apprentice this year, and take over next year.
4) All the collard greens you can eat!
3) Your idea of happiness is a trunkload of Kirkland paper towels.
2) You ♥ Cabin John!
And the number one reason why you should become the next Cabin John Crab Feast
1) We need you!
To find out more, please contact Tina Rouse ( or 301.229.6532)

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