Crab Feast Feeds Five Hundred

More than 500 people feasted on crabs and chicken at this year’s Crab Feast, which raised some $3,000 to support Cabin John Citizens Association activities. There was something for everyone at this year’s event, including great tunes from the Starlight Orchestra, who once again donated their talents to entertain the crowd. Local politicians Phil Andrews, who serves on the City Council, and Marc Korman, in the running for a seat in the State House of Representatives, stopped by as did the Fire Department, when the smoke from the roasting chickens triggered the building’s fire alarm.

The Starlight Orchestra entertains the outdoor diners.

It takes a community to put on a Crab Feast. CJCA President Burr Gray shared his thanks in a recent newsletter:
There are folks who have been handling the same significant tasks for years.
Pete Couste and his crab cookers come to mind. Trudi Bick and her wacky, funny “Cabin
Janes” handling the booze. The guys who work for John Hughes and drive the big truck to do
chair and table pickup/dropoff are long-timers. I know that many of the crew doing the food
prep/serving are veterans along with some new faces this year. There are many CJ residents
who contribute a couple of hours to the cause because this is what they are able to give. A
complete listing will be forthcoming. We can’t do it without this “all hands on deck” effort by
our community.

In particular, we must applaud Crab Feast Coordinator Extraordinaire Tina Rouse
(plus hubby Mark and son Kalev). Through hurricanes, fire alarms, county inspections, etc.,
Tina and her meticulous spreadsheet and tireless efforts keep the show going. We are all in your
debt, Tina.

Somewhat charred chickenmeister Ritch Kepler with crab feast organizer Tina Rouse at the end of a long day.
Pete Couste cooks up a bushels of crabs.
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